The Spirit of Ventura features a delightful collection of paintings with intimate anecdotes, documenting picturesque Ventura at the threshold of its destiny as California's
New Art City.

Each page is graced with one of twenty-six painterly renditions of significant landmarks and natural landscapes that will take the local resident and visitor alike on a visual tour, stretching from Emma Wood State Beach to Surfer’s Knoll by Ventura’s harbor.

The iconic Surfer’s Point, the beloved Ventura Pier and the rolling dunes near Harbor Cove are just a few of Ventura’s treasures that are highlighted.

Sarah Kalvin’s paintings faithfully portray the essence of the place we have all come to cherish for its naturalness and beauty. Her warm and serene interpretation of familiar places brings pride and joy to those who call Ventura home, and for those who visit, she reveals its inviting charm and compelling spirit.

Come visit Sarah at her Studio 74 at Bell Arts Factory. Meet the artist and read how she developed The Spirit of Ventura collection.

SARAH KALVIN - Artist, Curator, Subtle Activist
The Spring 2007 issue of Ventura Country Life & Style magazine features an article on Sarah Kalvin. The feature includes several paintings from The Spirit of Ventura. Sarah's One Tree, from Marina Park, is shown on the magazine's cover.

Read the article to discover more about Sarah Kalvin. Please wait a minute with the blank screen - the article takes awhile to load.